European Football Stadiums the RLM Community Wouldn’t Fit In


Written by Conor Thompson, Digital Marketing Intern

Earlier in the year, we reached the landmark of 30,000 players so to celebrate we penned a piece on Premier League stadiums the RLM community wouldn’t fit in.

Since then The RunLastMan community has grown rapidly. To date, 67,430 people have played our unique Last Man Standing prediction games. Let’s take a look at some European football stadiums which wouldn’t have the capacity for the RLM community. We may not be able to fill the Nou Camp just yet, but we’re not far off.


Which European football stadiums would need expansion to accommodate the RLM community?


Anfield – Liverpool

European football stadiums


Anfield recently underwent redevelopment which saw the capacity of the ground increase to 54,047. The extra fans in the ground have proven to be crucial for Liverpool so far this season. Jurgen Klopp’s Reds are unbeaten at home …

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We have been shortlisted for an award – SBC Awards 2016!


By Conor Thompson, Social Media Intern at RunLastMan

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have been shortlisted for “Innovation in Fantasy Sports” at the SBC Awards 2016. Taking place on December 7th, the SBC Awards promises to be an entertaining evening and above all else an opportunity for us to network with some of the most innovative and interesting people in the gaming industry.

What are the SBC Awards and who are they for?

SBC Awards

“It’s been a great year for the sports betting industry…..The quality has been high so it’s going to be tough for our judges to pick out the winners”

– Andrew McCarron, SBC Managing Director.

On the night of the awards a total of 14 betting Oscars will be presented. There are 7 overall categories, which will be put to vote in the SBC community. An example of one of the …

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Our Most Successful Club Fundraiser Games


Written by Conor Thompson, Digital Marketing Intern


Since the birth of RunLastMan’s club fundraiser games at the end of 2013, we’ve seen over 1’400 UK and Ireland grassroots clubs set up a Premier League last man standing for their club members. From large English football clubs to tiny table tennis clubs, we’ve had it all. In terms of the amount of players entering club fundraiser competitions, there really is quite a broad spectrum. In Ireland the average amount of entrants for a club fundraiser game is 50 with a respective figure of 30 in the UK.

So who’s top of the leaderboard then?

Our three most successful competitions of all time however all had in excess of 300 entrants. This really is quite a feat. Let’s see how they did it and find out how you too can run a successful club fundraiser your local club.


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The Weird and Wonderful World of Goal Celebrations

Written by Conor Thompson

Football goal celebrations: Sometimes fantastic, sometimes awful, sometimes just pure and utter bizarre. What use is a goal if you don’t follow it up with an appropriate celebration? Here at RLM, we’ve debated for hours on end and eventually have managed to make a list of our seven favourite football goal celebrations. Yes, that’s right, seven. All too often, lists are either of five or ten.  We’ve decided to stand out.


In no particular order our favourite goal celebrations are…..


Mario Balotelli (vs Germany, 2012)

We’re not sure what was better: The celebration itself or the hundreds of Photoshop edits which appeared on social media in the days following the game. Super Mario is without doubt one of the most charismatic and entertaining players to ever grace the game. There’s never a dull moment when the Italian striker is on the pitch. After putting …

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McGregor v Alvarez – Battle of the Irish


By Ronan Ryan, COO at RunLastMan

The world awaits UFC 205 next week to see who will reign supreme in the much anticipated main card scrap of McGregor v Alvarez.  The undercard and the main card are absolutely stacked with great fights including the much anticipated Conor ‘Notorious’ McGregor versus Alvarez.  14 fights in total make UFC 205 a blockbuster!

McGregor v Alvarez Preview

Being realistic, though there’s other great fights on the main and undercard all eyes are really on the main event, which is due to kick off at 4am UK / Irish time. As the fight is on in New York the chances of passing out before the main fight are reduced by about 10% – happy days!

Okay so most of us already know who Conor McGregor is. He’s the outspoken chap who wears the flash suits and dishes out abuse like an expert overly articulate …

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Who will make the Premier League top four? Reloaded.


Written by Conor Thompson, Digital Marketing Intern, 28/10/2016

After nine weeks of some exhilarating (and some incredibly boring)  football, it’s time to analyse the race for the coveted Champions League spots.

Which four teams will make the Champions League spots?

Before the season began, we put together a guide on each of the teams who we believed would be battling it out for the the top four.

We managed to whittle it down to seven contenders: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Leicester. Let’s take a look at how each of these teams quest to finish in the Champions League spots is going….

Manchester City

Champions League spots
Pep looking sexy in front of the Etihad

Despite having not won in three Premier League games (Six in all competitions as of late October), City are sitting pretty at the top of the table. A blistering start to the …

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Is Football Merely a Game? Or is Football Politics a real thing??



By: Conor Thompson, Intern at RunLastMan

Celtic’s reappearance in the Champions League has bought up the question of the role of politics in football again. Is this a new era of football politics?

Let’s Discuss Whether Football Politics Really Exists…

17th August, Celtic Park; A Uefa Champions League qualifier between Glasgow Celtic and Hapoel Beer Sheva of Israel. For most, this means the chance to watch their beloved Celtic attempt to qualify for Europe’s flagship competition for the first time since 2013. For a group of passionate Celtic fans known as the “Green Brigade” however, this signals an opportunity to demonstrate their views on the political situation in Palestine. “With a vibrant and somewhat controversial history, the Green Brigade aim to fuse together Ultra culture with politics in the stands of Celtic Park and beyond”.

“With a vibrant and somewhat controversial history, the Green Brigade aim to

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The Infamous International Break is Upon Us


Written by: Conor Thompson

It’s Saturday, its 2.30pm… But instead of being sat on the couch in front of the tv, with a betting slip in hand and your mind racing frantically with ideas of all the exotic adventures you will go on when your 35 team accumulator comes in, you’re begrudgingly walking around IKEA with your mum or the missus helping her pick out new garden furniture. The international break is here.

Now the season’s first international break is upon us what do we do now?

The first international break always seems to come just as the excitement of the new Premier League campaign is really beginning to build. Instead of a weekend filled with great live fixtures, excitement and banter between the lads in your footie and betting Whatsapp groups, what we are left with is a weekend of despair and  boredom. Perhaps the peak of this gloom will come …

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Will we see Hull City relegated this season?


Guest blog by: Simon O’Toole

The 2015/16 season proved that anything is possible in the Premier league and the 2016/17  season continued in the same vain in the first two fixture rounds. On opening day of the Premiership reigning champions Leicester sensationally slumped to a surprise 2-1 defeat to the ‘doomed’ Hull City side billed as the worst prepared in Premier League history before the opening day. In this post we’ll chronicle how we think Hull will fare in the new season and if we’ll see Hull city relegated. 

If you’re interested in checking out who will finish in the top 4 this season check out our most recent blog here

So will we see Hull City relegated?

“No communication, no manager, no engagement, no signings, no identity, no concessions, no honesty,”

The above statement incredibly came from the Hull City Supporters’ Trust statement in the week leading up

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Who will make the Premier League top four?

Contenders for the Premier League Top Four 2016/2017

Every summer, Premier League fans around the world are told the season ahead is going to be the most exciting one to date. It’s hard to argue with that for the 2016/17 season. There are at least seven teams who fancy their chances of being in the Premier League top four. Needless to say; seven won’t fit into four. Each individual team has a different case as to why they will be good enough to make this elite group. Let’s take a look at the teams in with a shout.

  • Manchester City

One team expecting to make the Premier League top four this year are Manchester City. City have spent more money than anyone else in the league which is a surprising statistic considering Manchester United spent £89 million on one player alone. They have also brought in the highly regarded Pep Guardiola to become their new gaffer …

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How SkyBet are gaining market share with social and group betting


The online gambling sector is possibly the most competitive sector there is.   There is very little you can do to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  As soon as one bookmaker adds some new functionality, like cash out, every other bookmaker races to add it too. Here we’ll have a look at what the likes of Paddypower, Bet365 and SkyBet are doing.

Many bookmakers have taken to mergers (eg. PaddyPower/Betfair, Coral/Ladbrokes) to grow their market share, but there is one that has taken a different route – SkyBet.

SkyBet have a huge focus on social and group betting.  When you look at market share, SkyBet have moved from 4% of the online betting market in 2012 to 8% in 2016.  Looking at available online data it appears that their rate of market share acquisition is only speeding up.

From we got the gambling sector web traffic leaderboard here –

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8 Premier League Players to Watch This Season


Here we’re going to have a look at who we think are the hottest 8 Premier League players to watch this season. Check out blogs we’ve done on the top defenders, the top midfielders and the top lads between the sticks.


Here’s the 8 Premier League Players to Watch in the New Premier League Season

The new season is eagerly anticipated by all football fans and after a barren few weeks of having to do without the beautiful game in our lives we can now begin to look forward to what is shaping up to be the most intriguing season ever. With lots of new players (and managers) being brought in this summer we have come up with a list of 8 Premier league players to watch, these players performances will have a major bearing on their respective club’s goals this season and could be the difference

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The Messi Tax fraud

In case you haven’t already heard, Messi is in a bit of trouble with Spain. He was in the middle of a Messi tax fraud accusation and is now paying the price, literally. But first, who doesn’t know Lionel Messi? He’s one of the greatest footballers of all times. He has great ball handling skills and stamina. Many felt sadness for him when he missed the penalty versus Chile in this years Copa America 2016 by a long shot. In Copa America he played for Argentina and during the year he plays for FC Barcelona. So you might be asking, what the f*ck is going on with Messi? What’s this rubbish about him not paying taxes?  Here we’ll explain the Messi tax fraud and provide updates on what’s going to happen to Lionel Messi.

Messi Tax Fraud


So here’s the scoop on what actually happened with the Messi tax fraud

According to …

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Update on Ronaldo’s Knee Injury from the Euro 2016

Ronaldo’s Knee Injury

How could anyone forget about Cristiano Ronaldo’s knee injury from this past Euro 2016. It was just unforgettable.  Ronaldo’s knee created a lot of attention for the Euros. So many questions arose as he fell to the ground after being struck. Was Portugal going to be able to go on without him? Would this change the outcome of the game? Would he be able to resume playing at a later time during the game? Would he be able to play at all? And to top it off, not only was Ronaldo’s knee injury during the final match against France – the host team – but we also had a series of events that followed that I don’t think any football fan could forget! So we’ve decided to give a recap followed up by an update on Ronaldo’s knee injury.

Ronaldo's knee injury

It was so unfortunate for this to happen …

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Best Fantasy Premier League Players from 2015/16

Creating a Fantasy Premier League squad is an annual ritual for most football fans but if you’re like me you create your team the day before the Premier League starts simply because one of your mates sent you their leagues code.  Its all a bit rushed, you start badly in the first few weeks then before you know it you don’t check it again until Christmas! So I decided to get out in front of the competition this year by providing you with the best fantasy Premier League players from 2015/16.  These were the highest performing players in their respective positions and will hopefully give you a better idea of who to include in your team from week 1.

Best Fantasy Premier League Players from 15/16


fantasy premier league

Kasper Schmeichel was unsurprisingly the most valuable fantasy Premier League goalkeeper last season stocking up a grand total 465 points across the 38 …

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Top 5 Goalkeepers In The Premier League 2015-2016 Season


If your team is lucky enough to have one of the Top 5 Goalkeepers in the Premier League, your team will play that much more confident. If you’ve been keeping up with the past blogs, you’d know that the Spurs and Leicester City each have a forward, midfielder and defender in the Top 3 rankings for the Premier League 2015-2016 Season. With no surprise, these teams also have one of the Top 5 Goalkeepers in the Premier League as apart of their squad. Here you’ll find the Top 5 Goalkeepers in the Premier League 2015-2016 Season. 

Top 5 Goalkeepers in the Premier League

Top 5 Goalkeepers in the Premier League

The Top 5 Goalkeepers in the Premier League 2015-2016 Season include Petr Cech, Heurelho Gomes, and Lukasz Fabianski – ranking from highest to lowest. If you’ve read the previous articles, Top 10 Midfielders in The Premier League, you’d find that Arsenal in particular already have a midfielder and

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Top 10 Defenders From The Premier League 2015-2016 Season

You’re lucky if your favorite team has one of the Top 10 defenders from The Premier League. Sure, it’s great if you have an aggressive strike force but if you can’t defend, the game goes to sh*t. Here you’ll find the rundown on who the Top 10 Defenders from the Premier League are and which teams have the best defense from the 2015-2016 season.

The Top 10 Defenders from The Premier League 2015-2016 Season

.Top 10 Defenders from the Premier League

The Top 10 defenders from The Premier League include Aaron Cresswell, Hector Bellerin, Eric Dier, Scott Dann, Ashley Williams, Nacho Monreal, Charlie Daniels, and Laurent Koscielny – ranking from highest to lowest. The defenders listed above ranked 3-10 in The Premier League 2015-2016 Season. Based on the information provided by, it seems as if Arsenal has the best defense in the league. Hector Bellerin, Nacho Monreal and Laurent Koscielny are usually listed on the starting lineup,

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Top 10 Midfielders In The Premier League 2015-2016 Season


Having one of the Top 10 Midfielders in The Premier League can make a huge difference between winning and losing. A Midfielder’s job is to control the pace of game and to be able to link the entire team together. Having a skilled midfielder is key to having great movement of the ball across the park. Here you’ll find the list of the Top 10 Midfielders in The Premier League 2015-2016 Season.

The Top 10 Midfielders From 2015-2016 Season

Top 10 Midfielders in The Premier League

The Top 10 Midfielders in The Premier League 2015-2016 Season include Christian Eriksen, Dimitri Payet, Dele Alli, Ross Barkley, Sadio Mane, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Georginio Wijnaldum, and Cesc Fabregas – ranking from highest to lowest. Based on the stats provided by, Tottenham have two top ranked midfielders. If you read the Premier League’s Top Strikers article, you’d know that Spurs also had the Top Scoring Forward for last season as well. …

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Premier League’s Top Strikers for the 2015-2016 Season


As August approaches, knowing who the Premier League’s Top Strikers are can make the difference between winning and losing your bets. As the European Championships comes to an end, The Premier League becomes more and more relevant and what better way to anticipate this year’s sports predictions than with last years statistics. Here you will find the rundown on the Premier League’s Top Strikers for the 2015-2016 season!


The Top 10 Strikers from 2015-2016

Premier League's Top Strikers

The Top 10 Forwards from the 2015-2016 Premier League include , Romelu Lukaku, Odion Ighalo, Alexis Sanchez, Troy Deeney, Jermain Defoe, Anthony Martial and Olivier Giroud – ranking from highest to lowest. Just based on the statistics provided by, Arsenal and Watford definitely seem like the teams too look out for – each team with two high scoring individuals! These individuals ranked 3-10 on the list for Top Scoring Forwards of the 2015-2016 Premier

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Premiership ‘Bad Boys’ – Most Yellow Cards

Who has the most yellow cards in recent Premier League seasons?

Which dirty players should you look out for in the upcoming Premier League season? We’ve reviewed the past three Premier League seasons to identify the players who have racked up the most yellow cards.

Premier League stats over the past three seasons


Yellow Cards Team(s) Position Nationality



Jack Colback 29 Sunderland/Newcastle Defensive Midfield England 7950


Lee Cattermole 28 Sunderland Defensive Midfield England 6331
3 Gareth Barry 25 Everton Defensive Midfield England


4 Branislav Ivanovic 23 Chelsea Right-back Serbia



Erik Pieters 23 Stoke City Left-back Netherlands 8560
6 Fernandinho 23 Manchester City Central Midfield Brazil



Ciaran Clark 22 Aston Villa Center back Rep of Ireland 5635
8 Victor Wanyama 21 Southampton Defensive Midfield Kenya



Craig Gardner 20 Sunderland/West Brom Central Midfield England


10 Jonjo Shelvey 20 Swansea City/Newcastle

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Game of Thrones Football LookAlikes

Which famous footballer resembles your favorite GoT character? We’ve found several Game of Thrones football lookalikes that will make your jaw drop.

Game of Thrones Football LookAlikes

1) Daario Naharis and Andrea Pirlo

game of thrones football lookalikes
Daario Naharis
game of thrones football lookalikes
Andrea Pirlo

Our first Game of Thrones football lookalikes makes you question if Andrea Pirlo and Daario Naharis were separated at birth. Pirlo commanded the game at center-mid. Daario commands the fighting pits. Daario’s actor, Michiel Huisman, is Dutch. Pirlo is Italian.

2) Jaqen H’ghar and Daniele de Rossi

game of thrones football lookalikes
Jaqen H’ghar
game of thrones football lookalikes
Daniele de Rossi

These two may look alike, but they have different personalities. De Rossi picks up unnecessary fouls. Jaqen H’ghar rarely loses his composure. De Rossi is Italian. Jaqen H’ghar’s actor, Thomas Wlaschiha, is German.

3) Jaime Lannister and Robbie Savage

game of thrones football lookalikes
Jaime Lannister
game of thrones football lookalikes
Robbie Savage

People love to hate “pretty boys” Jaime Lannister and Robbie Savage. Savage earned 89 career yellow cards. The Kingslayer killed …

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Foreign Players In The Premier League

There are clearly loads of foreign players in the Premier League.  Every Premiership team has foreign players.  Of the first team squads surprisingly Watford have the highest percentage of foreign players in the Premier League with 89%.  Bournemouth have the lowest 36% of their squad being from outside of England

Teams with the most foreign players in the Premier League

For example, only four of Chelsea’s squad are English.  The other  73% are from Serbia, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Spain, France, Ghana, Brazil, Colombia, Belgium, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Italy, Canada and even the U.S. This shows the diversity in the Premier League. 


Foreign players in the premier league
Teams with the most foreign players

This trend is quite common within the Premier league. Arsenal, Manchester City and Stoke each have about 30% or less on their team. Watford’s squad has 11.5% English players , which ranks the lowest amongst the 20 teams. Watford only has 3 players from England. Troy Deeney

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Euro 2016: On the road to France

Euro 2016: On the road to France

The Green Army’s road tripping guide to Euro 2016

With the Premier League done and dusted (g’wan the Foxes), now there’s only one thing football fans are thinking about, Euro 2016. And, thanks to Shane Long and Jonathan Walters, we’re there too. Even better, it’s in France, so no better excuse for an epic summer road trip. Lads, it’s time to start planning.

Euro 2016 Group E games

Ireland v Sweden, Monday, June 13, Stade de France, Paris

Ireland v Belgium, Saturday, June 18, Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux

Ireland v Italy, Wednesday, June 22, Stade Pierre Mauroy, Lille

First up, tickets

Ireland Euro 2016


Group stage tickets are gone. UEFA are running a ticket exchange enabling ticket buyers to sell on unwanted tickets at face value. More information can be found here.

Getting there

Irish Ferries sail from Rosslare to Cherbourg and Roscoff twice a week and from …

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Euro 2016: Republic of Ireland v Sweden

Euro 2016: On the road to Paris

The Green Army’s road-tripping guide to Ireland v Sweden

Ireland v Sweden: Monday 13 June, Stade de France, Paris

Paris. Always great craic, even better in June. June 13th to be exact. Here’s what you need to know about Ireland’s first Euro 2016 match against Sweden and how to get there.

At a glance

Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc de Triomphe… there isn’t enough room here to detail all the sights and attractions that make Paris one of the most visited cities in the world. Usually, a city for lovers, on Monday, June 13th it will turn into a sea of green (ok, and maybe a bit of yellow).

 Getting there

Irish Ferries sail from Rosslare to Cherbourg and Roscoff twice a week and from Dublin to Cherbourg once a week.

Stena Line also sails from Rosslare to Cherbourg three …

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Euro 2016: Republic of Ireland v Belgium

Euro 2016: on the road to Bordeaux

The Green Army’s road-tripping guide to Ireland v Belgium

Beautiful Bordeaux; a sophisticated South-Western French city famed for its wine, and site of one of the greatest Irish victories of all time (well, if we beat Belgium on June 18th that is). Here’s what you need to know about getting there for Euro 2016 and what to do when you get there.

At a glance


If you are driving from Paris, you have some drive ahead of you. But when you get there you won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re fond of a glass or two of wine. As well as producing 800m bottles a year, it’s a classy city renowned for its architecture – so win, lose or draw, there is plenty to see and do after the match.

Getting there

Driving from Paris: It’s a 585KM drive via the A10, …

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Euro 2016: Republic of Ireland v Italy

Euro 2016: Republic of Ireland v Italy

The Green Army’s road-tripping guide to Ireland v Italy

Lille is a splendid Northern French city with Flemish roots. But on June 22nd, it will temporarily turn Irish and Italian when the two teams battle it out in their last group game of Euro 2016. If you’re lucky enough to be supporting our boys in France, here’s how to get there and what to do when you arrive.

At a glance

UEFA Euro 2016

At the other end of the country, Lille is some drive from Bordeaux. Near the Belgium border, Lille is a cosmopolitan city with a strong Flemish flavour. The largest city in the North, it has suffered many sieges through the centuries. If you have time before or after the match, the picturesque Grand Place, reminiscent of Brussels or Amsterdam, and the art museum are two must-sees. 

Getting there

 Driving from

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Euro 2016 Groups – Preview


The Euro 2016 Groups

The draw to decide the Euro 2016 groups was made many months ago and this has given every observer plenty of time to analyse all of the permutations and combinations possible from each group all the way to the final.

The draw has thrown up some intriguing matches such as the England v Wales game in Group B and has been kinder to some nations than others (Northern Ireland). With the Championship being increased to 24 teams for the first time, (you can read the history of the European Championship here) this now means that the top 4 of the 6 third-placed teams will go through to the last 16. This new structure gives every nation hope of progressing to the latter stages.

Here’s our analysis of all 6 groups

Group A

Euro 2016 groups

The hosts France have been drawn in group A and on paper at least, …

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Top Euro 2016 Bets

Best Euro 2016 Bets to Make

With the European Championships in France fast approaching we here at have put together our list of the 10 most intriguing Euro 2016 bets to make. Some of the bets on our list might look a little controversial but that means that there is good value to be had in the betting market and chance to make a few quid. (Read our post on why the bookies always win)

Austria to reach the Semi-final – 9/2

Players to watch in Euro 2016

The Austrian’s are many people’s dark horses for success in this tournament. Led by David Alaba, they were undefeated in their group and finished first with ease, the draw for the group stage will make them very confident of progressing to the knockout stages. Depending on the outcome of other groups they could be handed a relatively easy passage to the Semi-finals and at 9/2 we …

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France host advantage for the Euro’s

Is There a France Host Advantage for Euro 2016?

With France hosting the Euro’s and them currently being the bookies favourite we decided to see how important home France host advantage is for the Euro’s.

There have been 14 European Championships since they started in 1960.  The host nation has won on just 3 occasions.  That means hosts have won just 21% of European Championships.  Given that three tournaments have had joint hosts the figures for the hosts are even worse that they appear.

So how does this compare to the World Cup?

Pretty close actually. Of the 21 World Cups 6 have been won by the host nation (caveat being 2002 was jointly hosted), which is a higher percentage at 28% of all World Cups being won versus 21% of European Championships by a host nation.

What are the chances of a neighbor winning it?

Interestingly, a neighboring country …

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Players to Watch at Euro 2016

Most Important Players to Watch at Euro 2016

After writing about the top young players to watch at Euro 2016 (view Here) we decided to do another post about the players to watch at Euro 2016 but this time on the players that will be most important to their countries in France. These players are not necessarily a one-man team, but their performances will have a major impact on their country’s chances at Euro 2016.

Players to Watch at Euro 2016

Robert Lewandowski – Poland

Players to watch at Euro 2016

The Bayern Munich hitman has been in lethal form this season and set a record for the amount of goals scored in qualification for Euro 2016. Poland are not a one-man team and have good support acts in Arkadiusz Milik and Grzegorz Krychowiak, however, If they are to have any hope of making it to the Last 16 stage and beyond, Lewandowski will need to be on top form …

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An All Home Nations Semi Finals is a Real Possibility


IMG_0291    @grahamcarrick84

In the latest in our Euro 2016 blogs we’re investigating how exactly the ‘Home Nations’ + Ireland can wiggle their way through their respective groups and storm their way through the Last 16 and Quarter Final rounds to set up an epic all home nations semi finals set of duos involving Wales, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Okay, first things first yes this is pretty ridiculous and very very unlikely but hey let’s give it a bash anyway. Here’s how we think that an all home nations semi finals lineup is a real possibility.

How a Home Nations Semi Finals Can Happen

Okay, the first thing you’re going to say is that this is farcical and not going to happen but we’ll go through how it can happen if everything goes to plan for all 4 teams. The caveat is that the predictions differ from our

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The Fans Guide to Wales Route to Euro 2016 final

Fans Guide of Wales Route to Euro 2016 Final Glory

Euro 2016 marks Wales’ first appearance in the European championships. After overcoming the odds in qualification and securing their place in the finals, Welsh fans will be eagerly anticipating this once in a generation adventure. Led by Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey, Chris Coleman’s men have been drawn in a group where they will fancy their chances of progressing to the knockout stages.

wales route to euro 2016 final

We have run every permutation imaginable and come up with a fans guide for Wales route to Euro 2016 glory. In this guide, we map out Wales’ potential opponents in the knockout phase and how all of the travelling fans can make their way along to support the lads this Summer.

What happens if Wales finish 1st

To finish top of the group, Coleman’s boys will probably need to get 7 points from their 3 games. An …

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The Fans Guide to Northern Irelands Route to Euro 2016 Final glory

A Fans Guide to Northern Irelands Route to Euro 2016 Final Glory

After shocking many observers by topping their qualification group, Northern Irish fans will be incredibly excited for their first appearance at the European Championships (You can read the history of the European Championship here). Euro 2016 will mark the first time they have qualified for a major tournament since the World Cup in 1986, this once in a generation event has caused many a Northern Irish fan to spend their life savings on a trip to France to support your ‘wee country’ and so we have put together a fan’s guide to Northern Irelands route to Euro 2016 final glory.

Northern Irelands Route to Euro 2016    Northern Ireland

The draw for the group stages for Euro 2016 has not been kind to Northern Ireland, they are drawn in Group C alongside Poland, Ukraine and reigning world champions Germany. Coming into the tournament at 500/1 (with

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The Fans Guide to Englands Route to Euro 2016 Final Glory


Englands Route to Euro 2016 Final    @grahamcarrick84

Let’s Look at Englands Route to Euro 2016 Final

In 2012 the UEFA bosses made the brave decision to expand the Euros from 2016 onwards to 24 teams based on the very loud cries of ‘minnows’ such as Wales, Ireland and northern Ireland who selflessly wanted an easier route to qualify. How dare they eh! The only problem is now it’s become ridiculously complicated for fans to predict their route to the final as you can now qualify from 3rd. Well if you finish in the top four out of the six 3rd place teams that is.

Here’s our guide on Englands route to Euro 2016 Final glory starting with the group stages venues.

englands route to euro 2016 final

Englands Route to Euro 2016 Final England

With such dire performances in World cups and the Euros of late English fan’s confidence along with previous press arrogance is now massively dressed down. Previously going into the World Cup or Euros the press …

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Ireland Euro 2016 – The Group Analysed

Ireland Euro 2016 – The Group Opponents

By Maitiu O Sullivan-Commerce graduate, investment banker and football fanatic.

The European championships have been something the Irish fan has been looking for since a wonderful night in November when Johnny Walters and company had overcome Bosnia in the Aviva. The group Ireland find themselves in includes Sweden, Belgium and Italy.

Here’s our guide to the opponents in Irelands group that will determine how future generations of Irish supporters will see Euro 2016.


Ireland Euro 2016

When people think of Swedish football, Zlatan Ibrahimović comes to mind. He has been ever present with Sweden for the majority of this century and is regarded as a hero in his homeland, most recently by paying for the Swedish national football team for the intellectually disabled to go the INAS World Football Championships in Brazil. In any other article, you might read how there is so much more to …

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The Fans Guide to Irelands Route to Euro 2016 Final Glory


IMG_0291    @grahamcarrick84

Let’s Look at Irelands Route to Euro 2016 Final

With Euro 2016 now expanded to 24 teams in order to facilitate ‘minnows’ such as Ireland (both teams), Wales and Scotland’s (hard luck this time) ambitions to qualify the journey to the final has become ridiculously complicated now that there’s a hope of qualifying from the group from 3rd place.

Here’s our guide on Irelands route to Euro 2016 final glory starting with the group stages venues.

irelands route to euro 2016 final

Irelands route to Euro 2016 final (Rep.) Ireland

Okay admittedly the chances of Ireland doing a Leicester and winning the tournament are minimal (100/1 on Paddy’s) but we can all dream so let’s give it a go and map out how Shane Long and the lads can become modern day saints and reach the final. We’ll start with the most likely occurrence, finishing 3rd. Either way, we’ve mapped out Irelands route to Euro 2016 final glory.

Irelands route to Euro 2016 final  What

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McGregor to save Dana White’s Ass?

Will it be McGregor to save Dana White’s Ass?

We don’t currently offer UFC for our group betting games at but we are intrigued at how much of a betting man that Dana White is.  He has possibly taken on his biggest gamble in the UFC to date by removing Conor McGregor from the card at UFC 200

So most of us are up to date with Conor McGregor’s sensational unofficial bout with the UFC but just in case you’ve dropped off the face of the planet here’s a quick recap.

On April 19th, McGregor broke the internet and sent the Twitter-sphere into overdrive

This was shortly followed by an announcement from Dana White and the UFC that Conor McGregor was out of UFC 200 for not meeting the …

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Football clubs with most fans on Facebook

Football clubs with most fans on Facebook

Read our two-minute blog to find out which are the Premier football clubs with most fans on Facebook and how they are doing it.

In our blog post about Premiership teams on Twitter we were calling for the social media manager at Manchester United to be fired. It turns out while they are not doing very well on Twitter they are doing excellently on Facebook.

Manchester United have more fans on Facebook than Manchester City, Spurs, Leicester, Everton, Aston Villa, Newcastle, West Ham, Southampton, Sunderland, Swansea, Crystal Palace, Stoke, Norwich, West Brom, Watford and Bournemouth… combined.  Not just more, they have 12 million more Facebook fans than all those teams combined.

Football clubs with most fans on Facebook

Here is our review of some of the good, better and best things that Premier League clubs are doing on Facebook.

Manchester United Facebook Page –

Video, Interactive content, prizes …

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Euro 2016 Stadiums

Your Guide To The Euro 2016 Stadiums

With so many people taking a loan out of the Credit Union and the bank of Mum and Dad to go to the Euro’s in France this summer we thought we would preview the Euro 2016 stadiums to see where your country is playing.

euro 2016 stadiums

Stadium Municipal  – Toulouse – Capacity 33,150

Toulouse in the south west of France is known more as a rugby city rather than a football one but the multi-purpose stadium is also home to Toulouse FC. The Most important games from a British & Irish perspective will be when Wales take on Russia in their final group game and If Ireland were to finish as runners-up in their group they would face the winner of Group F (probably Portugal) in Toulouse on June 26th.

Allianz Riviera – Nice – Capacity 35,624

Euro 2016 Stadiums

Another multi-purpose arena it plays host to OGC Nice football …

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History of the European Championship

The History of the European Championship

Euro 2016 will be the highlight of the summer for all football fans. With the tournament returning to France where it all began nearly 60 years ago we thought we would take a look at the History of the European Championship and see how the tournament has evolved over the years.

Where did it all Start?

The first European Championship took place in France in 1960 and involved only 4 teams. Led by legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin The Soviet Union became the first ever European champions when they overcame Yugoslavia on penalties. The qualifying for the maiden tournament was a far cry from more recent instalments, many of the current European powerhouses such as Germany, Italy, England and Spain did not take part. The 17 teams that entered played each other in home and away matches until only the 4 finalists remained.

History of the European Championship

The Next Phase

The Euro’s was growing in …

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Premier League Teams on Twitter

Premier League Teams on Twitter

Whether you love it or hate it, Twitter is here to stay. Some players don’t know when to hold back on it (Joey Barton) but it isn’t just the players using it.

Premier League Teams on Twitter

Every Premier League Teams is on Twitter. In this blog we are going to break down how they are doing.

Team Twitter Account Twitter followers
Manchester Utd 7,500,000
Arsenal 7,400,000
Chelsea 6,840,000
Liverpool 5,710,000
Manchester City 3,210,000
Tottenham Hotspur 1,480,000
Everton 820,000
West Ham Utd. 808,000
Newcastle Utd. 806,000
Aston Villa 683,000
Southampton 539,000
Swansea City 524,000
Leicester City 515,000
Sunderland 492,000
Stoke City 482,000
West Brom 424,000
Norwich City 364,000
Crystal Palace 347,000
Watford 170,000
Bournemouth 157,000

Manchester United have the most Twitter followers with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City rounding out …

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Premier League Fans Globally

Premier League Fans

According to in regard to Premier League fans – “Global fan following of the Premier League is 1.46 billion – or 70 percent of the world’s estimated 2.08 billion football fans.”

Ask anyone that supports a Premiership team, why their team is the best and they will have ten reasons for you explaining why their team is the only team you should support. Ask them who is the biggest club in the League and they will tell you that globally, their team has one billion fans and who are you to argue with them.  We have no idea how you can get accurate figures for it since it is tough enough do a census in the UK never mind find out which football team everyone in the world supports.

We have decided to look at it from a purely online perspective.  We have focussed on website traffic …

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Who Will Win the Championship Playoff

Does finishing 3rd give an advantage to winning the Championship Playoff?

With the Championship season coming to another exciting finish we have gone back over the years to look at where the team that won the Championship playoff finished in each season and discover which finishing position is statistically most likely to win the Championship playoff and get promoted to the promised land of the Premier League.

The last 10 seasons

Looking at the data from the last 10 Championship seasons we can see a clear pattern that finishing 3rd does give a team a decided advantage in gaining promotion.

the Championship Playoff

From the chart above we can see that 60% of teams who finished 3rd went on to win the Championship playoff and progress to the top tier. Generally speaking, this makes sense, surely the team that has finished above the other 3 teams in the playoff spots are likely to be …

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The Rise of CrossFit

The Rise Of CrossFit

So I was down in my local last week and a “CrossFit Athlete” walked into the bar…I only knew that because he told everyone in less than two minutes.


Ok so I might be guilty of that one myself on occasion but then again so is anyone who is passionate about their hobby.  When you’re part of the CrossFit family and you feel fit and healthy it can be hard not tell everyone how positively CrossFit has impacted your life.  But what has caused this relatively “new” sport (we’ll come back to this later) to explode in popularity? What has caused the rise of CrossFit?

What is CrossFit?

In 1995 former gymnast and fitness coach Greg Glassman opened the worlds first CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz.  Since then CrossFit has grown exponentially from 13 affiliated “boxes” (CrossFit gyms) in 2005 to over 13,000 worldwide today.  Glassman’s …

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Young players to watch at Euro 2016

The 11 best young players to watch at Euro 2016

There is an array of young talented footballers in Europe and many of them will be hoping that they can make a big impact this summer and announce themselves on the international stage. We have trawled through the stats to come up with a list of the top young players to watch at Euro 2016. (See who we think will win Euro 2016)

Renato Sanches – Portugal

young players to watch at euro 2016

The Benfica midfielder has been linked with a host of the top European clubs despite only making his full debut a matter of months ago. The dynamic 18-year old has been touted as the best Portuguese talent since Cristiano Ronaldo. His tender years and lack of international experience may mean he will not be a starter in France but look for him to make an impact when he gets his chance.

Breel Embolo

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Where Premier League owners are from

Premier League owners

As the 2015/2016 season comes to a close, we have taken a look at where the Premier League owners are actually from.

We are very surprised with our findings.  In our office, we did a survey before looking at the data and the guesses were that the majority of owners were from the USA, Middle East or Russia.  The actual findings are a follows:

Premier League Owners

40% of owners are actually from the UK.

25% are from the USA.

10% are from Russia

5% are from Italy, Iran, Switzerland, Thailand and The United Arab Emirates with one club owned each.

Club ownership

At HQ, we were equally surprised to find out that 90% of clubs were privately owned.  The initial survey in the office guessed that 75% of clubs were publicly listed, meaning fans could buy shares in the club.  There is in fact only one club where …

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Running Sweepstakes as a Fundraising Idea

A guide for running sweepstakes as a fundraising idea.

Anybody who is involved in fundraising for a sports club or a charity will know that it is a constant struggle. More money is always needed and anybody who is passionate about their cause will always rise to the challenge. However, the constant effort and need for new and innovative ways of raising money can be exhausting and can put some people off fundraising to begin with. To combat this we have put together this handy guide for running sweepstakes as a fundraising idea, this can be a quick and relatively easy way to raise funds for your club or charity. (If you are interested in running sweepstakes just for fun in the office you can read our previous article on running sweepstakes).

Where to start

running sweepstakes as a fundraising idea

The first thing to establish is who or what you are raising funds for, …

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Can you beat the bookies?


Can you beat the bookies?

The Short answer is no. The Long answer is explained below. (three minutes to read.)

Bookmakers are amongst the most profitable companies in the world.


Ladbrokes, Paddypower and William Hill are all worth over one billion pounds and make hundreds of millions of profit each year.  Each of these companies have thousands of employees including statisticians, mathematicians, quants and other geniuses, making it difficult to beat the bookies.

Essentially, the bookmakers are market makers.  You play on their pitch not against them but against other people that are betting.   Bookmakers make a book and take a fee for doing so, the same as an online poker site does.  For every game you play at an online poker site, they take a fee.  For sports betting  the bookmakers have an inbuilt fee system that means less money gets paid to the winner than is …

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Running Sweepstakes with friends – Euro 2016 Edition

The Pain and Gain of Running Sweepstakes with friends for Euro 2016

Everybody in the UK & Ireland (except Scotland) will be glued to the screens this summer cheering on their team in France and now’s the time that all of your friends start to think of any way possible to make the festival of football that little bit more fun.

With several teams in with a big chance this time around, (read who we think will win Euro 2016 here) there is a lot of value to had in the betting market and this also makes running sweepstakes with friends that bit more interesting. World champions Germany are the current favourites with the bookies despite being on the end of some bad results in qualifying (thanks in part to Shane Long). Hosts, France will surely be a major force on home soil as will current holders Spain who will look to win their …

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Betting on the Winner of Euro 2016

Our guide to Betting on the Winner of Euro 2016

Following on from our blogs on the betting for Cheltenham and the Premier League we are bringing you what you want a breakdown on betting on the winner of Euro 2016.  Here is our breakdown of what the bookies margin is for Euro 2016.

We have taken the odds on Friday 22nd April from a well know bookie – see below

Betting on the Winner of Euro 2016

From the odds, using the bookies over-round we have worked out that the bookies expect for every £100,000 bet that the betting will be as follows:

France 19,464.05
Germany 19,464.05
Spain 13,475.11
England 8,758.82
Belgium 7,299.02
Portugal 5,839.22
Italy 4,609.91
Croatia 3,368.78
Austria 2,576.12
Poland 2,136.30
Russia 1,717.42
Switerland 1,307.29
Wales 1,307.29
Ukraine 1,307.29
Turkey 1,081.34
Iceland 1,081.34
Sweden 1,081.34
Czech Republic 1,081.34
Romania 867.21
Ireland 695.14
Slovakia 580.05
Hungary 435.76
Albania 290.99
Northern Ireland 174.83
Total bets 100,000.00

Assuming …

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Top Scorer at Euro 2016

Who will be the top scorer at Euro 2016

With less than 2 months to go until kick off in France, we here at RunLastMan are gripped by Euro 2016 fever. After posting our predictions on who we think will win Euro 2016 we have now turned our attention to finding some betting value in the top goalscorer market. The race for the golden boot is always one of the big side stories of any major tournament so let’s have a look at the current frontrunners to be top scorer at Euro 2016.

Harry Kane – 20/1

Top Scorer at Euro 2016

The Spurs hitman is the shortest price of the English strikers and at 20/1 looks like a good value bet. Perhaps the reason for his high odds is the competition for places in the English front line along with their recent poor performances in major tournaments.

Verdict: good each way bet

Anthony Martial

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Who Will Win Euro 2016

Which country will win Euro 2016?

The European championship in France will be the highlight of every football fans summer this year and with the tournament fast approaching, we look at the frontrunners for the title and examine their potential to win Euro 2016. (You can Create a Last Man Standing for Euro 2016 now)

The frontrunners to win Euro 2016

Italy – 18/1

Win Euro 2016
Never rule out the Italians. The Azzurri had a comfortable yet uninspiring route to the finals and are a brilliant tournament side. The strength of the team is their rock-solid defence led by Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci.  At the other end of the pitch, their options are largely underwhelming and Southampton’s Graziano Pelle is likely to lead the lineup.  Compare him to the strikers of other top countries and you can see the problem. The knock-out stages of international tournaments are all about keeping clean sheets and …

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Premier League Run In – Can Leicester win the league?

Premier League Run In

As we approach the final few weeks of the most unpredictable season ever we take a look at the Premier League run in and see if Leicester can do the unthinkable and win the league. The foxes started out the season with most people predicting a long slog in the bottom half of the league and after replacing Nigel Pearson with Claudio Ranieiri nobody gave them a chance of being where there are now. Leicester are closing in on an historic achievement but there are 6 more game reaming and with Spurs and Arsenal 7 & 11 points (with a game in hand) behind respectively Ranieri’s men still have work to do.

The Premier League run in for the 3 title challengers

Leicester – Sunderland (A), West Ham (H), Swansea (H), Man Utd (A), Everton (H), Chelsea (A).

Spurs – Man Utd (H), Stoke (A), West Brom …

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Who Will Win The US Masters

Who Will Win The US Masters

With the World’s best golfers due to descend on Augusta in the coming days, we look ahead at the 2016 tournament and try to predict who will win the US Masters. To do this we will take a highly unscientific approach and examine each of the frontrunners and gauge their respective chances and give our prediction of who will be wearing the famed green jacket on Sunday.

The Contenders

Phil Mickelson – 20/1

Who Will win the US Masters

The 3 time Masters champion will be looking to roll back the years at Augusta.  After some off-season swing changes “Lefty” has shown some real bright moments so far this season and nobody in the field knows how to win majors (assuming Tiger doesn’t come back) quite like Phil.  After last year’s 2nd place finish Mickelson will be looking to go one better and claim his 6th major title.

Bubba Watson – 12-1

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Cheltenham Betting – How the Bookies Win

Cheltenham Betting – Case Study

A sudden stretch in the evenings and slightly warmer temperatures mean only 1 thing – Cheltenham is coming. After many months of anticipation the Premier jump racing festival of the year is finally upon us. In this case study we are going to put our analytical hat on and examine how the bookies expect to prophet from the Cheltenham Betting.  We are taking the example of the Champion Hurdle to show you how.

Cheltenham Betting – Current Champion Hurdle odds.

Our friends over at Boylesports have the current odds as follows;

Annie Power – 13/8

Nichols Canyon – 5/1

Identity Thief – 6/1

The New One – 6/1

My Tent or Yours – 6/1

Top Notch – 16/1

Peace & co – 16/1

Hargam – 20/1

Old Guard – 20/1

Camping Ground – 20/1

Sempre Medici – 25/1

Lil Rockerfeller – 33/1

Sign of Victory …

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UFC 196 Betting – McGregor v Diaz

The UFC 196 Betting Market

With all eyes focused on Conor McGregor v Nate Diaz this weekend we take a look at the UFC 196 betting and get an insight into how the bookies expect to make a profit on the main event. After a quick search on Paddy Power we can see that the the Irishman is a firm favourite however to gain a real insight into how the bookies will make money of this fight we are going to take a look at the Method of victory market and examine where the bookies expect the bets to go and how much profit that they can expect to make.

UFC 196 Betting

The Current Odds

Conor McGregor by KO  – 4/11

Conor McGregor on Points – 17/2

Conor McGregor by Submission – 16/1

Nate Diaz by KO  – 11/1

Nate Diaz on Points – 6/1

Nate Diaz by Submission – 6/1

Draw …

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When to Run a Last Man Standing

Best times of the year to run a last man standing competition.

One of the first questions all of the competition organisers ask us is “when is the best time to run a last man standing?”. Our answer is always that any time of year is the best time to run your competition. The reason we say this is because the sporting calendar is full (particularly this year with Euro 2016 and the Olympics) and we have last man standings games for all of the big sporting events.

We thought it would be a good idea to provide our players with a list of sporting events in 2016 that you can organise a last man standing for. All of our competitions are ideal for sports clubs looking to raise funds, charities looking to raise money for vital services and for groups of friends who want to compete against each other.


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Running Sweepstakes in the Office – Euro 2016


IMG_0291    @grahamcarrick84

The Pain and Gain – Running Sweepstakes in the Office Euro 2016

Everybody in the UK (except Scotland) & Ireland will be running sweepstakes in the office and glued to the screens this Summer cheering on their team in France and now’s the time that the lads in the office start to think of any way possible to make the festival of football that little bit more fun.

With several teams in with a big chance this time around, (read who we think will win Euro 2016 here) there is a lot of value to be had in the betting market and this also makes your office sweepstakes that bit more interesting. World champions Germany are the current joint favourites with the bookies along with France at 7/2 despite being on the end of some bad results in qualifying (thanks in part to Shane Long).

Who are the Frontrunners?

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10 Youngest Premier League Players of all time

Youngest Premier League Players

Every kid dreams of being a Premier League footballer and the players on our list managed to fulfil their dreams while still being kids themselves. Some of the names on our list of the 10 youngest Premier League players are well-known players who went on to have careers at the highest level…..some did not. Our list of the youngest Premier League players of all time is based on how young they were when they started their first game.

10. Rob Bowman – Leeds United – 17 Years & 80 Days

The young Leeds defender was part of their FA Youth Cup winning side in 1993 and made his senior debut that year. Bowman failed to establish himself at Leeds and had spells with Rotherham, Carlisle and Bohemians before retiring in 2001.

9. Gareth Barry – Aston Villa – 17 Years & 76 Days

Youngest Premier League Players

Barry made his debut …

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Highest Paid Players in the Premier League

Highest Paid Players Premier League Team

With the average wage for Premier League players increasing every year we turn our attention to the top earning players in the division and make a starting XI of the highest paid players in the Premier League


David De Gea – Man Utd – 200k

Highest paid players

After his aborted move, the Real Madrid in the summer the Man Utd stopper signed a lucrative new deal. The £200,000 a week contract makes the Spaniard the highest paid goalkeeper in the league, earning nearly double that of Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois.


Pablo Zabaleta – Man City – 90k

The Argentina international has been a stalwart of the City defence for several years and has the wages to prove. The former Espanyol man is the highest paid right back in the league receiving £90,000 per week.

John Terry – Chelsea – 150k

Unsurprisingly John Terry is the …

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How Coral Make Money on Football

How Coral Make Money on Football

Continuing our series on how the bookies win we look at one of the leading UK bookmakers and discover how Coral make money on football. To show how the bookies win we will take the example of the upcoming match between Arsenal and surprise league leaders Leicester City and use our internal calculations to show where the bets are going and how much profit Coral can expect to make.

The Current odds for the game:

Arsenal – 5/6

Draw – 13/5

Leicester City – 16/5

How Coral expect the bets to be staked?

The hard work of formulating the odds is done in advance by the Quants team in Coral (usually made up of some sports mad maths geniuses who are banned from betting by every major bookie because of their betting knowledge). They have calculated the percentage amounts of bets that will be staked on the three possible …

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7 Great Ways to Fundraise for Charity

Ways to Fundraise for Charity in 2016

Generally the most difficult part of fundraising for your favourite charity is coming up with a good idea and not just doing the same old fundraiser time and time again. Continuing our series on fundraising we have put together a list of the 7 best ways to fundraise for charity and give tips on how to succeed.

1. Run a 5K

Ways to fundraise for charity

For those active sorts among us running a 5K or 10K and getting your friends or co-workers to sponsor you can be a great way to raise money for your favourite charity. This is perhaps one of the more physically demanding ways to fundraise but has the added bonus of getting you into shape. Try and use an online source to gather donations.  This will make collecting the money a lot easier.

2. Shave or Dye

A less traditional way of fundraising is …

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Social betting – why the bookmakers can’t make it work

Social Betting – The Idea

Social everything is taking  over…nearly.

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Kickstarter, Kiva, Gofundme, Snapchat etc. social sharing and collaboration has never been easier.  It is now possible to organise a global group to fund farming in Kenya on Kiva or to fund the development of a futuristic dice in Taiwan on Kickstarter.  People enjoy connecting with each other online, and taking part in these events as a collective.  The one industry that is not able to figure out how to form groups to their benefit, is the gambling industry.

Betting giants PaddyPower couldn’t make social betting work with there offering Betdash which offered punter the chance to grow their real money accounts by making bets with virtual money and challenging their friends and contacts. Magic888 was the social betting offshoot of 888 but that also went by the wayside with the Facebook based casino …

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Democratic Nomination Odds

Democratic Nomination Odds – Where are the Bets Going?

With the Iowa caucuses fast approaching we examine the Democratic nomination odds to see where the smart money is going and how exactly the bookies make money on political betting. Hilary Clinton’s march to the Democratic nomination has been a little bumpier than had been expected with the emergence of senator Bernie Sanders as a real threat. The former first lady and secretary of state is still the favourite to be the nominee but her challengers odds have shortened recently and we now turn our attention to how the market is unfolding and show where the money is going.

The Current Market

Democratic nomination odds

Hilary Clinton – 1/5

Bernie Sanders – 7/2

Martin O’Malley – 100/1

Where do the bookies expect the money to go?

The Bookies will have been going through the polls with a fine tooth comb and ran the numbers …

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Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

6 Fundraising ideas for Clubs

With clubs secretaries and chairpersons devoting more and more time and effort towards raising funds to keep the club functions ticking over, build a new clubhouse or to buy new kits we look at ways to help and list 6 fundraising ideas for clubs.

1. Table Quiz/Trivia Night

fundraising ideas for clubs

One of the most popular and well-established fundraising ideas for clubs is to run a table quiz, usually held in the clubhouse or local pub. Each team usually consists of 4-6 people who pay about £40 between them and if you can get the whole club/community involved it can raise a nice amount of money and all involved have a fun night out. However, It can be a time-consuming process for the organiser as they will have to arrange the venue, find all the quiz questions (no easy task) and make sure people aren’t using their iPhones to look …

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Premier League Transfers – Top 10 January Signings

The Top 10 Premier League Transfers in January of all time

With the silly season of the January transfer window upon us again we look back over the years and see which January Premier League transfers made their mark on their new club and list the top 10 signings of the January window.

10. Riyad Mahrez – Leicester

Premier League Transfers

The Algerian joined Leicester in January 2014 during their march towards the Championship title. Most people scoffed when he was compared to Angel Di Maria upon his arrival however his form in the Premier League this season has been outstanding and he has drawn considerable interest form the elite clubs. At a price tag of £400,000 the Foxes can be rightly proud of this January signing.

9. Mikel Arteta – Everton

The Spaniard arrived at Goodison park in January 2005 and helped his new team achieve the remarkable feat of finishing in …

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Premier League Stadiums the RunLastMan Community Wouldn’t Fit In

With the RunLastMan community growing at a rapid pace and now numbering over 30,000 members we look at the Premier League stadiums that couldn’t fit us all in. We may not be able to take over Wembley (yet!) but we wouldn’t be able to all fit in these 7 stadiums.

7. Dean Court – Bournemouth

Premier League Stadiums

Dean court has been called umpteen different things over the years and is now been referred to as the Vitality stadium after their latest sponsorship deal. Whatever you want to call it at a capacity of 11,700 Bournemouth’s stadium is the lowest in the Premier league for many a year and more than half of the RunLastMan community would be left disappointed should we ever play a match there.

6. Liberty Stadium – Swansea

Premier League Stadiums

The Swans share their home ground with the Ospreys rugby team and is one of the more modern stadiums in the league …

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How William Hill Make Money – Football Edition

How William Hill Make money on football

Continuing our series on how the bookies make money we share our knowledge of the industry with an insight into how William Hill make money. We pick an upcoming Premier League game and show how the bookie will profit from the punters.

Wednesday sees title challengers Manchester City take on an Everton side who grabbed a win over City in the league cup this week. It may be the same 2 teams but this will be a very different game with 3 points up for grabs.

The Odds for the game are:

Manchester City – 1/2

Draw – 17/5

Everton – 5/1

Where does William Hill expects the bets to go?

The boffins in William Hill headquarters will have been busy calculating the percentage of bets that will go for a Man City victory, a draw or an Everton win. Based on the odds the percentage …

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Paul Gascoigne – His Favourite Players

Paul Gascoigne

Exclusive for RunLastMan
Written by TheSportsJunkie

Paul Gascoigne is arguably one of the most technically gifted players England has ever produced. It could also be argued that he never really reached his potential.

During the time of Italia 90’ when England reached the semi finals against Germany, many disputed that the fearless Tottenham midfielder was the best player in the world during this period. England were to go out on penalties against Germany with Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle missing from the spot.

However, that tournament will always be remembered for Paul Gascoigne bursting into tears when he was booked for a late tackle. If England won that game, Gascoigne would’ve missed the World Cup final, something that could’ve destroyed the flamboyant and somewhat unpredictable talent.

During his career which spanned spells at Newcastle, the aforementioned Tottenham, Italian side Lazio, Rangers, Middlesborough and a slew of short stints …

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How Paddy Power Make Money – Horse Racing Edition

How Paddy Power make money on horse racing

With the jump season in full swing we look ahead to a big race coming up and use this race to show you how Paddy Power make money. The Hennessy Gold cup is the premier jump racing event of the year in Ireland and many previous winners have gone on to big things at Cheltenham. We have a look at who is running, their odds, where the bookmaker expects the percentage of bets to go and the margin that Paddy Power will enjoy.

How Paddy Power make money

What the odds tell us?

The odds obviously tell us what amount of winnings you will get should you back the winner however it also gives us an insight into how the bookmaker expects the betting market to unfold for this race and the percentage of bets placed on each horse. The favourite for this race is Don Poli …

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10 FA Cup Giant Killings

10 FA Cup Giant Killings of the Premier League Era

With the 3rd round upon us that means its time for the Premier League clubs to enter the competition. With many lower league teams dreaming of taking a Premier League scalp and become legends of their clubs we look at the teams who made history and list the 10 FA Cup giant killings of the Premier League era.

10. Shrewsbury v Everton – 2003

In the 3rd round of the FA Cup in 2003 a strong Everton side which included a young Wayne Rooney were soundly beaten by a Shrewsbury side that were languishing in the lower end of the old 3rd division. The Shrewsbury manager at the time was former Everton captain Kevin Ratcliffe and he masterminded their victory over his former side with 2 goals from Nigel Jemson who claimed the winner in the closing minutes.

9. Manchester

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11 Shortest Premier League Managerial Tenures

The 11 Shortest Premier League Managerial Tenures

The Premier League is the most demanding league in the world with constant pressure on the managers to deliver results on a consistent basis. The names on our list were largely the casualties of poor starts at their respective clubs and now have the ignominy on appearing on an unwanted list. The 11 shortest Premier League managerial tenures do not take into account caretaker or interim managers, only permanent managers made the list.


11. Chris Hutchings – Bradford City – 141 days

After Paul Jewell managed to keep newly promoted Bradford City in the Premier League he moved on and the reigns were handed to assistant Chris Hutchings. The bantams had a terrible start to the season and quickly relieved Hutchings of his duties. Hutchings narrowly missed out on appearing twice on our list after a similar ill fated spell at Wigan …

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Best Sporting Moments of 2015

As the year comes to a close we take a look at the best sporting moments of 2015.  This list includes what we believe to be 2015’s most outrageous, inspiring, comedic and controversial moments in all sports over the last 12 months in no specific order.

Nine Minutes = Five Goals

On September 22nd German champions Bayern Munich were 1-0 down to Wolfsburg.  At half time Pep Guardiola introduced Polish striker Robert lewandowski.  It marked the beginning of the end for Wolfsburg.  A sensational five goals in nine minutes saw Lewandowski secure a place in Bundesliga history with the fastest hatrick, four and five goal haul in the leagues history. Unbelievable Jeff!

Make It Rain – Sepp Blatter

2015 has been a year of controversy and disgrace for both FIFA and UEFA amidst corruption allegations.  In May 2015 the US Department of Justice indicted several top executives.  At the centre …

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Best Summer Signings XI

At the halfway point of the season we profile the Best Summer Signings XI in the Premier League.

We have put our analytical hats on and come up with a best summer signings XI of the premier league so far. Some positions were easier than others to pick but we have finally settled on a 4-5-1 formation. For the most part the players featured in this list did not make headlines when they completed their transfers in the summer but have shown their class so far this season.



Petr Cech – Arsenal

The big Czech international signed for the gunners from title rivals Chelsea in the summer and he was heralded as the missing piece of the league winning puzzle for Arsene Wenger’s side. He made a disastrous debut for his new side but since then has gone on to prove himself as the world class keeper that …

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Ireland’s squad for Euro 2016

Ireland head to the European Championships in France this summer with a more positive outlook than Poland four years ago.  Trappatoni’s appointment was supposed to usher in an Italian Renaissance for Irish football but instead we were thrust into the Great Depression.


However, since O’Neill and Keane’s appointment we have emerged from the most difficult qualifying group nabbing four points off the world champions as well as comfortably dispatching the Bosnians in the playoffs.  Martin O’Neill and the bold Keano have dramatically lifted morale in the Irish camp in addition to establishing a solid group of young players buying into their brand of football.   The future certainly looks brighter for Irish football.  In addition to our blog discussing our tough group draw, which you can check out by CLICKING HERE, we take a look and who’s going to be in Ireland’s squad for Euro 2016.



Arguably O’Neill and …

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Best Uncapped Football Players

Best Uncapped Football Players in the World

With international caps being handed around so easily in the modern game we look at the players who have slipped through the net thus far and name our best uncapped football players XI.



Adrian (West Ham and Spain)

The Spanish stopper joined West Ham from Real Betis in 2013 and quickly established himself as their no. 1. Unfortunately for Adrian he is Spanish and manager Vicente Del Bosque has a wealth of goalkeepers to choose from meaning that his hopes of ever getting on the pitch for Spain are quite low.



Danny Rose (Spurs and England)

The Spurs left back has been in top form in the Premier League and has featured in Roy Hodgson’s squad but has yet to get his first taste of international football. With an injury to first choice England left back Luke Shaw, Rose …

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England’s Euro 2016 Squad

We give our predictions on who will be selected for England’s Euro 2016 Squad

With 6 months still to go until England kick off their Euro 2016 adventure we look at which players will feature in England’s Euro 2016 squad and who will be left disappointed. Roy Hodgson will have a good idea of his squad at this point but with some players getting injured or dropping form there will an opportunity for others to get into the reckoning.


Joe Hart: The Man City stopper has established himself as England’s number 1 and will be a certainty to make the plane barring injury.

Jack Butland: The Stoke City keeper has emerged as Hart’s understudy with a string of impressive performances this season and looks certain to be in France.

Fraser Forster: Southampton’s number 1 will have to prove his fitness in the last few months of the season after …

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How Ladbrokes Make Money on Football

How Ladbrokes make money

With so many punters betting on the Premier League each week we thought we would share our knowledge of the industry and explain how the bookmakers and in this case how Ladbrokes make money on football.

To start off, we are going to take an example of a Premier League fixture this weekend, Chelsea v Sunderland. We ask you not to think of the perspective of 1 person making the bet but to think of the millions of pounds that will be staked on this game.

The Odds for the game are:

Chelsea – 1/4

Draw – 17/4

Sunderland – 11/1

How do Ladbrokes expect the bets to be staked?

The hard work of the bookmaker is already done before the odds are set. Ladbrokes’ army of Maths geniuses have calculated the percentages of bets that will be staked for a win for Chelsea, a draw or …

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England’s Chances for Euro 2016

England’s Chances for Euro 2016

England will be looking to put the misery of the last World Cup behind them where they went out in the group stage finishing bottom. The Qualification campaign was flawless. England finished top of their group after winning every game. Fans should be hopeful for England’s chances for Euro 2016 with the draw for the group stage as they have been drawn in Group B alongside Russia, Slovakia and neighbours Wales. Roy Hodgson’s men will look to replicate their fine form from the qualifiers and try to put their stamp on Group B.



England's chances for Euro 2016


Russian fortunes changed when they sacked manager Fabio Capello halfway through qualification. Under their new manager Leonid Slutskiy they finished strongly and came second in their group. Russia’s squad is made up of predominantly domestic based players so they might not be familiar to many Premier League fans. Their main threats …

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Northern Ireland’s Chances at Euro 2016


After their memorable qualification campaign we look at Northern Ireland’s chances at Euro 2016 and rate their opponents.

Northern Ireland won their place in France by topping their group and being the surprise of the qualifying campaign. Led by incredible team spirit and  goals from Kyle Lafferty, Michael O’Neill’s men topped what was a relatively poor group (top seeds Greece ended up in last place) to make their first ever appearance in the European Championship. They have been given perhaps the hardest draw of the lot by being drawn against World champions Germany, Poland and Ukraine making Northern Ireland’s chances at Euro 2016 look bleak.


Robert Lewandowski


Poland had a tough route to Euro 2016 coming through the group of death which was topped by Germany and ended the Republic of Ireland’s hopes of automatic qualification. Their stand-out player is of course, Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski who netted 13 …

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4 tips to Win a Last Man Standing


Here at RunLastMan, we have helped over 1,300 grassroots sports clubs throughout the UK & Ireland raise funds to help their clubs in a variety of ways (check out the video below to see how our Premier League last man standing works). Most of our competitions are centred on the Premier League last man standing, here are 4 tips to win a last man standing that we have learned along the way for you to win your last man standing at your club.

Remember: you can now run a last man standing without a fundraising angle with your mates and the lads in the office. 

Our tips to win a last man standing

  1. Wait until the day before to pick.

We have all had a look ahead at the fixture list for the weekend during a painstaking Monday in work, however picking your team early in the week has proven …

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UFC 194 Preview and Predictions.

UFC 194 


UFC 194 is arguably the biggest card in UFC history and tipped to be the highest pay per view event of the year.  The event is approaching fast and along with it the gargantuan clash of the titans, Jose “Junior” Aldo vs Conor “The Notorious” McGregor.   For almost a year the Aldo-McGregor rivalry has intensified culminating in a heated exchange between the two at a face-off in September to promote the upcoming bout.  McGregor is preparing to “invade his (Aldo’s) favela on horseback” so he can “maul him limb from limb.”  No doubt its this sort of smack talk that has led to Aldo referring to McGregor as an “Idiota” and a “maniaco” (maniac), however it certainly has gotten under the Brazilians skin and provided us with some brilliant TV.  Ahead of this weekends battle we take a look at who we think

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How Bet365 make money – football edition

Continuing our how bookmakers make money series, this week take a look at Bet365’s odds for the Arsenal vs Sunderland game.

Again, we ask you not to think from the perspective of one person making a bet. There will be millions bet on it on Bet365 around the world.  Here are the odds:

The odds are:

Arsenal – 1/4

Draw – 11/1

Sunderland – 13/1

How do they expect the bets to be staked?

The hard work for the bookmaker is already done before setting the odds.  Their team of maths geniuses have worked out what percentage of money will be bet on Arsenal, the draw and for Sunderland to win.

Arsenal – 78% of bets

Draw – 15% of bets

Sunderland – 7% of bets

So how much do they make from this?

Using this knowledge they have created the odds with a profit margin included.  The margin is 2.47% for this particular game (we …

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Is your last man standing competition legal? Only with a license


Following on from our post on the legality of running a sweepstakes with the lads in the office we continue in this goody two shoes series of legal blogs and this time dive into the question of whether the last man standing you run for the Premiership with your mates, for your footie club or with the lads in the office is legal.

Here’s a snapshot of the legality of running your own last man standing with pen, paper and excel in the UK and Ireland. Explained further below the image.


last man standing legal

Northern Ireland

Bizarrely Northern Ireland has their own gambling laws (or lack of) and is not included under the remit of the UK Gambling Commission. With an absence of gambling laws it’s very unclear as to whether you’re allowed or not. Our opinion is that it’s probably safe to run it without any repercussions.

England, Scotland &

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Is your office sweepstakes legal? It depends!

Your Office Sweepstakes

In the office, we all do anything on a Friday to take our minds off what we’re actually being paid to do (actual work). After lunch, the mere notion of doing actual work baffles most company men where the chat of Guardiola and Van Gaal take over the boring stuff like spreadsheets, KPI’s or god forbid making money for the company.

A sweepstakes is a staple of any office leading up to a major competition such as the 6 Nations or the Euros in France. Admittedly most people don’t give a shit if it’s legal or not to run an office sweepstakes but we thought, what the hell, we’ll get our legal guy to do some work.
office sweepstakes


The situation in Ireland surrounding sweepstakes is not very clear. There is no mention of a sweepstakes in the new 2015 gambling laws, which did not seek to add further regulation …

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Ever wondered how Paddypower make money? Here’s how

How PaddyPower make money

So how many times have you been on your Bet365 or PaddyPower app and wondered just how bookies make money? Well, we thought we’d share with you exactly how PaddyPower make money.

For simplicity, we’ll pick one game as an example. The big match in game week 13 was top of the table Manchester City vs Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.  There would have been millions bet on it across all major bookmakers.  In order to show you how major bookies make their money, we had a quick look at the PaddyPower odds a couple of days before the game started. Here’s they are –

The odds were:

Manchester City – 4/6

Draw – 11/4

Liverpool – 9/2

How do they expect the bets to be staked?

The hard work for the bookmaker is already done before setting the odds.  Their team of maths geniuses have worked out what percentage of …

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We’re nominated for 2 Realex Web Awards

The Realex Web Awards 2015

The Realex Web Awards are a prestigious awards for web based startups and websites in Ireland with the big awards bash taking place in the RDS Concert Hall of October 15th.

We’re very proud to announce that we have battled our way through 3 rounds and are now in the mix to win 2 awards at this years glitzy oscar type ceremony held at the venue famous for the Dublin Web Summit (caveat here).

Here’s the categories we’re nominated for and the great other great sites and companies we’re up against.

1. Best Sports Site

We’re very proud to be nominated in the finals for the best Irish sports related site at the Realex Web Awards 2015. Some great competition here from League of Ireland new boys Cabinteely FC, The Junior Soccer Portal, which does brilliant work promoting the game at grassroots, and from …

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RunLastMan wins White Bull Summit Young Bull 2015 Award

Delighted to announce that wins 2015 Young Bull Award at the White Bull Summit in Barcelona.

White Bull Awards

Congratulations to all the other winners from each European country:

Aire – Yearling – UK
 – Young Bull – NL
 – Young Bull – Italy
Candela Boats
 – Yearling – Sweden
 – Young Bull – Latvia
 – Young Bull – Spain
 – Minotaur – Finland
LeeLuu Nightlights
 – Yearling – Finland
 – Yearling – Spain
 – Young Bull – Finland
– Young Bull – Switzerland
 – Yearling – UK
 – Young Bull – UK
 – Young Bull – Finland
 – Yearling – UK
 – Young Bull – Ireland
Safe Swiss Cloud
 – Young Bull – Switzerland
 – Young Bull – Slovenia
 – Yearling – UK
 – Young Bull – Finland
 – Minotaur – Belgium
Soil Scout

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Top 3 football autobiographies


If you are like me, you have been afflicted with a football obsession. Through this obsession we are not just satisfied with what happens on the field, but off it as well. Don’t get me wrong we all enjoy the weekends action (unless your a chelsea fan right now) but it’s finding out what goes on behind closed doors that completely satisfies our football mania.

In recent years the world of football has been flooded with autobiographies filled with memoirs from ex pros, current pros, managers and even match officials. Lets face it though, the majority of them have little substance and some are just complete nonsense, with little or no insight into the world of a professional athlete. Steven Gerard’s recent release served as a cure for insomnia and I mean who wouldn’t want read about Joe Cole’s career…

Anyway, after many months of sifting through the player …

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Wanderers FC – Founders of the FA run a last man standing

Wanderers FC founded originally as Forest FC in 1864 were amongst the founding members of the FA.   Called Wanderers because they didn’t have their own fixed ground, their fortunes didn’t work out quite as well as some of their early peers.  That said they have got the jump on many of them by running their first last man standing with us at  Check it out HERE

Charles Alcock

Charles Alcock

Charles Alcock, the so called father of modern sport was one of the early members of the club and also an secretary of the Football Association and is the founder of the FA Cup.   He was also involved in organising the first ever international football match.  A fairly good idea looking back at it now.

You can read more about him here – Charles Alcock Bio 


The club was reformed in 2009 after having fallen out of existence for …

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Are the Glory Days Over With the Decline of the Premier League?


The Premiership – The best league in the world………… Well, I don’t think so!!

The Decline of the Premier League

The fastest football in the world, the most amazing teams, the billion dollar clubs, the amazing international fan base, the cream of football, by far the most exciting league!! This is what comes to mind when we think of the Premiership.

Well, to some extent it is true. People still follow the Premiership clubs, big companies still love to sponsor them and, without any doubt, the Premiership teams consistently attract the most lucrative broadcasting rights of any footie league. In my opinion, with time the billion dollar image is declining. The qualities we often associate the Premiership with, are fading fast. Don’t get me wrong; I am huge fan of Manchester United and the Premiership, but I am simply not happy with their performance anymore.

Decline of the ‘Big Four’

There was a time …

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What is a Last Man Standing Competition?

Most people think of Clint Eastwood at the end of Western, when they first hear people talk about a Last Man Standing.  What they are actually referring to is a fundraiser.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what a last man standing is.  We will explain it all here for you and if you have further questions just give us a call.

What sports can I run them with?

Depends on the time of year really! Here’s some info below. We’re constantly adding more games and leagues.

  1. Premiership, Aug – March
  2. Golf, April – Aug
  3. Rugby Super League, Feb – June
  4. Aviva Premiership rugby, Sep – Feb
  5. GAA National Football League, Feb
  6. NFL American Football, Aug – Oct
  7. League of Ireland soccer, March – June

What is a last man standing?

A last man standing is a competition run to raise funds.  It is usually based on the Premier League …

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3 Quirky Fundraising Event Ideas You May Never Think Of

‘An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all’

– Oscar Wilde

Some quirky fundraising event ideas that’ll raise some great funds

Thinking of quirky fundraising event ideas can be difficult! We have all been to our fair share of table quizzes and helped out with supermarket bag packing.

Although these events have proven to be successful in raising funds, some may consider them a tad mundane. As a result, when planning your next fundraising event, think outside the box. If you want to avoid the ordinary, have a look at our wacky, risky, but novel fundraising ideas:

Adult Sports Day

Fundraising event ideas

Do you remember how much fun you had at your school sports day as a child? Why do kids get to have all the fun? Hosting an adult sports day is one of the best fundraising event ideas for your club or charity. …

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RunLastMan’s Top 10 Former GAA Minor Stars that Found Fame in Other Fields


Famous former GAA stars

Beyonce looking thrilled to get a picture with former Roscommon stopper Chris O’Dowd

So seeing two former GAA stars Seamus Coleman and Shane Long playing for a sorry looking Ireland last week got us thinking here at Runlastman HQ about what could have been of their Gaelic football and hurling careers had they stuck with our national games. As it turns out these two are not the only former GAA minor stars to have shot to fame in alternative careers. 

Stiff Competition

Ireland scrum half Tomás O’Leary of course, has two All-Ireland minor hurling medals to his name from his time with Cork, and former international hooking legend Keith Wood was once flanked by Jamesie O’Conner, playing center forward for the Clare minor team. Picking our Top 10 was not easy let me tell you.

We decided that due to their success at senior level, Kevin …

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